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Testimonial_MariannaCThe thing I most love about Dr. Sananda is the level of consistent breakthrough results I have gained since working with her. She provides the coaching, support and the practical tools that support genuine transformation. Her spirit lifts me up and helps me to remember the strength within me... my highest expression of myself. She has a vision for the entire human race living from their best selves and she especially holds that vision for her clients with that vibrant and luminous idea until we get it for ourselves. I'm lucky to have met her and to have said yes to myself when considering working with her. She is skillful and her methodologies extremely effective.

Marianna Cacciatore, NonProfit Executive Director

Testimonial_ahmet-zappaDr. Sananda... you rock heavier than Van Halen ... Thank you!

Training with Sananda has made a seriously profound effect on my life. She is like a cosmic powered search engine for your soul. Her breadth of knowledge, experience and the tools she provides help me get in touch with the answers I seek within myself ... answers that were always there but just beyond my reach. I feel a greater attunement to the rhythms of life - how it all works - and it’s showing up in my life big time. I’m bringing a much more expanded vision to my creative process and doing my business with more ease and flow. My wife and I have been forever changed by her grace and wisdom.

Ahmet Zappa, Writer, Producer, Musician

Testimonial_DCThe transformational work I do with Dr. Sananda is profound. She is a superb teacher, life mastery mentor and transformational guide who skillfully facilitates the experience of deeper levels of awakening: expanded awareness and higher levels of functioning. I now have a deeply-anchored peace and clarity within me that profitably affects every aspect of my life – personally and professionally. I recommend her to the most important people in my life and I heartily recommend her to all seekers of truth who want true, deep-seated and lasting transformation.


Dame D.C. Cordova, CEO, Excellerated Business Schools® / Money & You® Program

Testimonial_DianneHA basketball coach will improve your jump shot, and a tennis coach will strengthen your slam. Sananda helped me make myself a better player in my own game of life. Whenever I have needed clarity that eluded my grasp, Sananda was right there, like a soul-fired Wikipedia of wisdom and light; never overpowering, but always nudging me just enough for me to remember myself, my path, my Name.There’s only one Sananda. But one is all you need.

Dianne Houston, Writer, Director, Producer

Testimonial_CaraPifkoDoing ‘the Work’ – the work of inner transformation - with Dr. Sananda is like a shower for the Soul! I am an actor who has been a professional in the business for over 20 years. I consider myself a positive person who has a long history of personal development, but training and coaching with Dr. Sananda has heightened my creative capacities in very powerful ways. I am finally enjoying the manifestation of all the aspects of my life that I have been “circling” for years. If you are lucky enough to find your way to her, you will find yourself in safe, well-trained hands.

Cara Pifko, Actor

Testimonial_CindiLeeSananda is dedicated and highly invested in supporting you in creating an exponential leap in your results, at an accelerated rate, with extraordinary ease. Life is good.

Cindi Lee, Master Yoga Instructor

Testimonial_TonyaJoyDr. Sananda is a grounded Presence of Light. With an effervescent heart, generous nature and unwavering commitment to service, she lovingly guides others to discover their inner sanctuary of peace and Wholeness as we travel along the lovely footpath of this human journey.

Tonya S. Joy, Writer, Speaker & Spiritual Coach

I am so grateful for my training with Dr. Sananda. I’ve learned how to ignite a larger version of myself and to radiate my genius into the world. My life now, aligned with higher purpose, has greater meaning.”

T.P. Allen, Financial Consultant

Testimonial_LeesaDr. Sananda's work has been incredibly transformational. She illuminated the path to finding my purpose and has helped me to get in alignment with the heart and essence of who I truly am. I have never met anyone so masterful, elegant, and wise and so dedicated to serving others. Dr.Sananda is a shining example of what we aspire to be, she is a being of pure light and love. I can't recommend her work enough, she graces the world with her presence. She is a gift to humanity.

Leesa Hubbard, Founder of the Heroes Economy

Testimonial_KimTo experience Dr. Sananda’s coaching is to experience light, and a deep, deep love. Her joyful presence touches all around her. Sananda’s greatest gift as a teacher and a leader is her ability to turn those of us who have the privilege of working with her toward the wellspring within, to learn to trust our own inner guidance and find clarity through deep meditation and transformational processes. We are blessed by her wisdom and grace, by her daily commitment to live from the inside out and to masterfully train others to do the same. The Inner Light of my being is more fully ignited and I am now living in this world with greater subtlety and awareness. My quality of life has been expanded significantly and my professional performance optimized.

Kim Holland, U.S. – China Cultural Ambassador, International Entrepreneur