Is a Complimentary Strategy Session
the right next step for you?


It may be if…

  • You are ready to get unstuck.

  • You are willing to take imperfect action.

  • You are ready to risk believing in yourself.

  • You are ready to go after what you really want.


If you think this is the right next step for you, then I invite you to complete the Strategy Session Request form below. When I receive it, I will contact you to set up your complimentary 60-minute strategy session focused on better understanding your goals, the areas where you feel stuck, and strategies to help move you forward.

Strategy Session Questions

Your answers to these questions provide really helpful background for a powerful strategy session.







Describe your life today.*


Describe the life you would LOVE to be living.*


(Seriously) What is keeping you from living the life you would love? What’s the REAL reason?*


Why are you now serious about taking your life to the next level?*


What is the single biggest challenge I can help you with?*


What is your current annual income?*


What is your target annual income?*