Life Mastery

Six Months to a Transformed Life

How long does it take you to change your life? The process begins the moment you join the program! And as you apply each weeks’ lesson your LifeMastery skills grow. This six-month curriculum is designed to instruct and support you along the way, as you focus on six different areas of Mastery each month:

  • Intention
    Accessing the power of your purpose

  • Health
    Experiencing the highest expression of well-being

  • Abundance
    Living from connection with Source

  • Manifestation
    Developing the art of co-creating

  • Love
    Fostering authentic relationships

  • Transformation
    Navigating the terrain of greater possibilities

With each area, you’ll learn the skills and abilities that will give you mastery of that area in your life. You’ll try out new habits of thinking and action, and you’ll gain new insight. With practice, you’ll find yourself naturally making the changes you need to get the results you want.

Life Mastery’s unique six-month program provides special tools to help accelerate your progress and enhance your results.

For more information, contact Dr. Sananda.