Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to meditation

All Change/Transformation begins within…

Leadership begins Within. To lead From Within one must Go Within.

All true transformation begins by transcending to enjoy the direct experience of deeper capacities of mind and body – our full human potential. Thus, with direct experience, we begin to activate this inner source of peace, power, and wisdom as the source of all achievement and fulfillment in life.

Transcendental Meditation® (TM) which I practice, teach and highly recommend for all seeking true transformation – has been scientifically verified in over 600 studies to be powerfully effective in developing the full potential of mind-body-heart and behavior, the basis of skill in life and in leadership.

TM is a simple, natural and effortless technique that is practiced for a few minutes morning and evening which expands the conscious capacity of the mind and releases stresses. Many holistic benefits – have been proven to result from the correct practice of this meditation technique. Some RESULTS are as follows:

  •         Greater Inner Peace and Harmony
  •         Greater Mental Capacity and Focus
  •         Greater Creativity
  •         Transcendence
  •         Expanded Awareness and Clarity of Thought
  •         Release of Stress
  •         Better Sense of Self & Purpose in Life


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